Words Are Powerful, Coming From A Powerful Voice
Poem *
In all honesty my mind is on you
No matter what i may say or do
My mind is on you
Many come in and many leave
My mind is on you
You always seem to stay
My mind is on you
Years have passed and seasons have changed
My mind is on you
I hate to re read my book but
My mind is on you
I would love to go back because to be honest
My mind is and always will be on YOU




“How come he don’t want me, man?”

From what I’ve heard, Will Smith’s father actually left him. This wasn’t entirely scripted. Will went off on his own rant, and the hug at the end was genuine.

His character was just supposed to shrug off his dad leaving again and he starts to but then Will goes off script. That whole speech is coming entirely from him. The hug at the end is also genuine, actor to actor not character to character.

God, I will never stop loving Will Smith.

Forever reblog, will smith is an amazing actor and this scene was especially hard because of his past have to respect him for that 



Can we take a moment to admire what was considered style in the 90s.

Can we take a moment to admire the fact that his reply is “‘Cause our kids would look like horses.” He does not say, “I can’t marry another guy!” or anything along those lines. 


Drawn Girl (tumblr cut)

aw omg this is cute